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"...Le système de plancher chauffant FLEXTHERM,
est devenu un luxe nécéssaire et abordable.
Utilisé comme chauffage principal ou d'appoint il
convient tout aussi bien aux contructions neuves qu'aux projets de rénovations. Il s'adapte à toute forme et dimension de pièce et s'installe directement sur la plupart des supports de plancher, sans toutefois, augmenter l'épaisseur finale du plancher..."

Les Produits      Schlüter®


"...Wherever ceramic tile or stone is installed, interior or exterior, Schlüter-Systems offers superior products that provide for the permanent performance of tile installations..."

"...the world’s finest and fullest line of kitchen sinks...we have both stainless steel sinks and colour sinks..."

Stone and Ceramic Cleaners & Sealers:

Plusieurs séries de céramique de luxe...

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If you are looking for marble, granite, ceramic and stone, we are a professional licensed company located at Montreal, QC.  We are dedicated with helping you with all your natural stone needs.

D.I.M. Stone products are cut from premium quality granite, which has been selected by D.I.M. Stone for its natural color, grain structure and durability characteristics.

At D.I.M. Stone the customer comes first, we want to make your selection and purchase of granite a truly pleasant experience. Our elegant showroom not only showcase numerous colours and textures of granite, marble, ceramic, mosaics, and many others kind of natural stone, it also contains full kitchen display, unique vanities, fireplace, stairs and several slabs full-size (4'x 8') displays in different colors that can be viewed just like it will be in your home.

Shop in the convenience and comfort of D.I.M. Stone's display area located in West Island of Montreal, at 14360 Blvd. Gouin W. (corner St-Jean), Pierrefonds, QC H9H 1B1. Please give us a call at (514)626-4442 - toll free 1 866 660 44426 for more information or contact us by email:

D.I.M. Stone warrants to the original purchaser of this product that the granite is free from defects in the material and in the workmanship provided by D.I.M. Stone and that the product has been inspected and approved under strict quality guidelines. This warranty is valid for as long as you own the home. See warranty for more details.



D.I.M. Stone realizes service is just as important as providing quality products. From our helpful and knowledgeable sales personnel to our professional installers, whenever you do business with us, you can expect a prompt and courteous response. We are strongly committed to frequent employee training and investing in the best equipment available in the industry. Together these give us the capability of expediting your order, with an average turnaround from templating to installation of just two weeks.

D.I.M. Stone services are so conclusive that we can also offer you financing or a line of credit through Réno-Prêt, our financing program at interest rates at or below prime. With our lines of credit, you can use the available funds for your renovations as well as any emergency that may occur such as a leaky roof, new windows, carpeting etc. See our financing page for more details. Réno-prêt automatically gives right to you to The Guarantee renovation of the APCHQ, the program the most recognized by the financial institutions, the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) and the consumers themselves. It is the guarantee of the professionalism of companies in renovation.

En plus de vous donner accès au Réno-prêt, programme de financement sur mesure offert exclusivement par les entrepreneurs accrédités comme D.I.M. Stone, la Garantie rénovation de l’APCHQ vous offre les protections suivantes * :

  • Le remboursement des acomptes jusqu’à concurrence de 25 000 $ (maximum : 25 % du montant du contrat);

  • Le parachèvement des travaux prévus au contrat jusqu’à concurrence de 25 000 $ (maximum : 25 % du montant du contrat);

  • La réparation des malfaçons existantes dénoncées par écrit au moment de la réception des travaux;

  • La réparation des malfaçons cachées découvertes dans les 12 mois suivant la date de réception des travaux;

  • La réparation des malfaçons cachées affectant la solidité ou la stabilité de l’immeuble découvertes dans les cinq (5) ans suivant la date de réception des travaux.

Ainsi, quoi qu’il arrive, votre rénovation sera une expérience plaisante!

* Sous réserve des conditions et modalités prévues au certificat de garantie.

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  Interior Design Services

It is best to get assistance when deciding on a design or material. A licensed tile installation service can give you more detailed information on your options. Take a look at our Interior Design services!...

   Free Delivery

We provide Free delivery on products we install when you buy them in our store.



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